Friday, 29 May 2015

Meatpies, just the way Africans love it (Nigeria Meatpies)

I love meatpies, and nothing beats good old homemade meatpies. 
At the right size, your favorite meat pie qualifies for small chops as well!!!
Small chops are small finger foods served as appetizers or snacks at Nigerian parties. Whether you are hosting a small intimate event in your home or you just want to give your family a treat, this is one recipe you need to have!!!

For the filling 
250g beef minced meat (fish,chicken, turkey or pork mince can also work).
Chilli pepper
1/2Tsp ground ginger
1/2Tsp ground garlic
2 eggs (one to add to the dough mix and the other to coat the Dough)
1stock cube
11/2 Tbsp flour or cornstarch
170ml water 

For the dough
500g plain flour (self raising flour can also be used. If using self raising, just leave out the baking powder and salt).
250g baking fat or just regular butter
140ml cold water 
2 eggs (1 for the dough and the other to wash the dough)
Pinch of salt
1 Tsp baking powder


1. Add oil to a small pan, then pour in the minced meat

2. Add in stock cube, garlic,diced chilli peppers and ginger

3. Stir to combine.. Then allow to cook for 5mins

4. After 5mins add in the water, cover with a lid allowing to cook for 3mins before adding in the flour (the flour helps to thicken the broth and create the right pasty consistency for the filling).

5. It should look like the picture below. Pour in a small clean bowl to cool.

6. In a big bowl measure in the flour, baking powder, salt, butter, one egg, then add in the water.. (Another option will be to crumb the dough - dry ingredients with butter- before adding in the wet ingredients). But I prefer this method. 

7. With your hands or dough mixer, combine the mix together until the dough cleans off the bowl 

8. Place in the fridge or in a cold place for 45mins or more (I leave mine for up to 24 hours.. The longer the better in my opinion)

9. Now we are ready to make our pies (make sure to get the dough out from the fridge or cold place 10mins before rolling out... Start by deciding what size of pie you need (big or small).

10. Now roll out, using a rolling pin.. Then cut out the shapes required, next add in the cold cooked minced meat.

11. Now brush one side of the dough with egg wash.. (This helps to seal the pastry when folded)

12. Then fold over, using the tip of your fingers to press the edges down to seal.

13. Lock in the edges, using a fork

14. Next, pierce some holes (this allows air to escape, and gives the distinct look we've come to associate with our meatpies) 

15. Once all done, wash the dough with egg wash.. Then bake in the oven for 20-30mins depending on size and oven temperature. I baked at 180oc electric fan oven. 

16. And they are ready, place them on a airy rack to cool down 

Don't dey look absolutely gorgeous??? Would be a sin to eat them... NOT lollll!!!

Coconut and orange flavoured yogurt loaf

This is a rich, moist loaf that combines the tropical notes of the coconut with rich creamy yoghurt and the refreshing taste of the orange.
Its super easy to make and you don't need to be a baker to get this right. If you've never baked before, I assure you, fear not!!!

Baked at gas make 5.. (Always sift your cake flour and pre-heat the oven before commencing any baking). 


*350g self-raising flour (plain can be used, just add in a pinch of salt and 1tsp baking powder to get the consistency)
*3 large eggs
*125ml low fat or full fat plain yogurt (flavoured yogurts can be used)
*40g coconut shreds
*200g butter
*200g caster sugar or regular granulated sugar
*1tsp Orange extract.. (To make it more zesty, add in 1 whole orange zest)


1. Cream together butter and sugar 

2. Next add in the eggs and continue whisking (always remember to add them in one at a time).

3. Add the orange extract and coconut shreds

4. Add the yogurt...keep whisking

5. Turn off the mixer, as the flour needs to be incoperated into the mix with a wooden spoon or spatula...add your flour and combine.

6.Once, well combined pour into a greased or lined cake tin.. Bake in the oven for 35-45mins or until golden brown and a toothpick comes out clean 

Looks so so heavenly, fresh and super yummy! Serve with a cuppa, your favourite juice or even some ice cream for dessert. 

This cake is to live for, the taste is out of this world.... All I can say is gorgeous !!!

Authentic Nigerian Fried rice

Everyone loves fried rice!!!
There are a million and one fried rice recipes worldwide but the Nigerian fried rice tugs at our heartstrings overtime. While Jollof rice is our first love, is there a Nigerian party complete without fried rice? 
A classic Nigerian fried rice contains a bright medley of vegetables like carrots, peas, string beans and sweet corn, a healthy dose of proteins, particularly chopped liver and shrimps and a healthy dose of herbs and seasonings like curry powder and dried thyme.

*It must be noted that it doesn't have the durability of Jollof rice and gets spoilt if not handled carefully. Please don't cover until its cool and store in a fridge if keeping overnight.

*Good quality Long grain rice
*Vegetable oil
*Mixed veg (frozen or fresh.. Never overcook your vegetable, as they loss essential nutrients)
*Cooked kidney (cut into small chunks)
*Prawns or Sprimps (fresh or pre-cooked)
*Stock cube (chicken stock cube preferably) 

Wash the rice 

Drain properly

Add to a pot of boiling water 

Add in stock cube (I prefer adding stock cube rather than salt..). Place a lid on, then allow to cook 

In your frying pan, add in vegetable oil then the kidney (allow to fry for few mins, you don't want to over fry as kidneys do tend to go hard when over cooked or fried).

Then the curry and thyme

Next, add in the prawns, stock cube (remember we've added some to the boiling rice, so we only need a little here), then mixed vegetables (if using frozen mixed vegetables, make sure to defrost first). Allow to fry for 2-5mins. 

Now pour the mix into the almost cooked rice.

Stir all together (when stirring fried rice or jollof rice always stir from bottom to top very gently, then hit the stirring spoon on the side of the pot to remove any sticking rice, before stirring again.. Try not to over stir, as this causes the rice to go mushy and burn).

At this point, the rice needs to steam.
To steam, place a clean washed nylon/carrier bag over the rice, then put the lid of the pot on top to seal in all heat. You can also use aluminum foil in place of the bag.  Steam for 3-5mins, taste for salt and add more salt/stock cube if needed.

Turn off the heat and remove the pot from the cooker to rest before serving 

And here it is,  served with oven grilled ginger and garlic salmon. Try my method today and give some feedback. Thanks.

Egg Egusi Soup

Dare I say Egusi soup is Nigeria's number 1 soup? It really cuts across the country with various ethnic groups making theirs unique from the other. Of course it goes beyond Nigeria to other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa with variants in preparation as well. Today we shall be cooking with another method. This method uses eggs to create and bind the egusi lumps in the sauce. Its really tasty and if you weren't there when it was prepared you wouldn't have a clue that eggs were used.

Dry ground egusi
Bell pepper (Tatashe)
Scotch Bonnet peppers (ata rodo)
1 raw egg
dried Shrimp
vegetable or palm oil
ground crayfish
Assorted meat
Bitterleaf (washed)
Stock cubes

Mold your lumps and set aside. This is done by mixing in the egusi with the raw eggs by hand. Then use your hand to further mold into small lumps.

Blend your peppers with onions and fry in heated oil.

After 7mins add in the smoke prawns (always wash to remove dirts and sands)

Next the locust beans (iru), cray fish and stock cubes...

Then the washed smoked turkey.. Stir and cover with a lid, allowing to cook for 2mins

After 2mins, add in the melons.. (If you find the peppers too thick at this point, just add in little water).

Stir gently , then cover to cook for 6-8mins.. Now taste for enough stock or salt

Next add in the washed bitter leaves 

Stir, allowing to simmer for few mins, the oil used should at this point settled at the top.

Serve with any swallow (eba, pounded yam, semovita, even rice etc).. I prefare mine with COLD EBA