Friday, 31 July 2015

Tomi's condense milk, white chocolate and strawberry cookies

This post is dear to my heart as it features my daughter, Tomi's baking. 
My daughter is always around me in the kitchen and she's always wanting to bake or cook something so today I allowed her bake one of her favourite  yummy crunchy cookies. 
We both enjoyed every minute of it and it gave us time to bond while I shared some baking tips and insights with her. 
Proud momma here, I really felt so good watching her work, it's amazing how much they are capable of.
Parents, teaching your kids to be independent in the kitchen is really necessary. It's also a fun thing for them to do this long holiday. 
This recipe is not restricted to just white chocolate or strawberry.. I would recommend you let your imagination run wild 


200g self raising flour 
100g butter
190ml condense milk
100g white chocolate 
100g strawberries 
100g sugar 

Step 1. Pour all ingredients into a large bowl.

Step 2. Combine gently, using your fingers...*avoid squashing the strawberries**

Step 3. When properly mixed, scoop little at a time into a greased floured tray, then bake for 29-25mins or until almost golden brown 

Tomi and mommy 100% enjoyed the process.
Watch out for more cooking and baking coming from her kitchen. Cheers 

Corned beef sauce

This is a classic fried sauce back home in Nigeria. It evokes memories of lazy weekends and family Saturday breakfasts.
Corned beef is pretty relatively expensive so it's not an every day sauce in most homes. 
This sauce is typically served with boiled yams, bread or rice.
Corned beef is typically salty so please add seasoning cubes with the utmost care. 


*Red bell peppers 
*Spring onions 
*Corned beef

Step 1. Blend the peppers, onions, spring onions and tomatoes together till almost smooth. Then fry with the oil, till paste like 

step 2. While the blended mix is cooking add in the stock 

Step 3. Once steamed, add in the corned beef

Step 4. Stir properly, taste for seasoning if required add more.. Allow to cook for further few minutes and it ready 

I served mine, with boiled rice... The taste is amazing and it gave us a nice break from all the usual stews and soups. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Egg muffins

Eggs are one awesome food in terms of nutrients and versatility. Egg muffins are another awesome and fun way to have your eggs as you can add whatever toppings you fancy. I really love this meal and it was also a hit with the kids!!! Did I mention they are super healthy?

I decided to use two different types of eggs for the fun of it. I used regular chicken eggs and quail eggs which I love.
Bear in mind though, whatever eggs  or toppings you use, the process remains the same. Also remember to preheat the oven before commencing to gas Mark 5.


*Eggs (I use chicken and quail eggs)
*Mixed Olives with sundried pepper
*Cherry tomatoes
*Corned beef
*Chilli peppers
*Spring greens 

(A cooking spray or olive oil can be used in place of butter. Toppings like cheese, sausages, onions, parsley, thyme and bell peppers are also good options).

Step 1. Grease the muffin tin with butter, be generous with it 

Step 2. Break the eggs 1 at a time into the muffin bowls.. Then start adding in the toppings 

Step 3. Next top with little butter, then place inside the oven to bake for 4-6mins

And it's ready...The kids and I enjoyed the process and the outcome. They looked so cute once cooked.
These muffins were super yummy as all the ingredients added their own personal flavour to the eggs. 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Peppersoup yam pottage (Peppersoup asaro)

This great idea came from one of our group administrator Mr atta onoja, Instagram @lolos134. He prepared his by adding calabash nutmeg (ehuru), so I thought to my self why not go the whole 9yards???. Hence the out come of this great dish. 
It's a unique marriage of asaro, ukodo/yam peppersoup. 
You wanna have this on a cold day as its so good to your insides and the taste is just awesome.


*Yam (dice and wash)
*Peppersoup spices 
*Stock cubes
*Scotch bonnet 
*Tatashe (bell pepper)
*Shumbo (optional)
*Fresh or tinned mackerel) 
*Smoked prawns (cleaned and washed)
*Ugwu leaves (chopped and washed)
*Palm oil (optional, as I used sunflower oil from my tinned mackerel) 

Step 1. Start by blending the peppers and onion together, until almost very smooth, the pour into a pot. Allowing the mix to still till almost paste like. 

Step 2. Next add enough water to the steamed pepper mix, then add in the yam

Step 3. Next stock cubes

Step 4. Immediately add in the Peppersoup spices

Step 5. The smoked prawns and crayfish

Step 6. Add in the mackerel including the oil, if using tinned one.. Otherwise add in the palm oil (u only need little). At this point taste to ensure the pottage has enough seasoning, if required add more then allow the yam to cook till softened (ensure to keep close eyes on the pottage)

Step 7. When the yam softes add in the leaves.. 

Step 8. Gently break up some yams.. Using the edge of your spoon.. Allow few 2 more mins and it's ready... 

I do enjoyed this pottage... I cannot wait for my next cook, so excited 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Coconut fried rice

Coconut rice has a strong appeal because of its unique, distinctive nutty taste.
For most Nigerians, our go to rice has always been white, jollof and fried rice. If you happen to be one of the tons and tons of people who are yet to try this type of rice, you've been missing. 
There are various types of coconut rice worldwide and even in Nigeria. The basic traditional coconut rice cooked by the efik people involves coconut and crayfish/shrimp. Lots of modern day Nigerian cooks and chefs also incorporate coconut milk into Jollof rice.  Today's recipe is all about my unique Coconut Fried Rice.
The secret to perfect tasting coconut fried ric...
* Freshly squeezed coconut milk
* Fresh coconut desiccate
* Coconut oil
These three combined brings out the best taste in your coconut fried rice. 


*Red hot chilli peppers (Atarodo or shombo would do just fine)
*Mixed colour bell peppers (Tatashe)or any other vegetable of your choice (sweet corn, peas, chopped carrots)
*Fresh prawns
*Spring onions 
*Stock cubes
*Frankfurter or any sausage meat of your choice 
*Coconut milk (click to see how to extract coconut milk)
*Coconut oil
*Coconut desiccate 


Step 1. Pour the extracted coconut milk into a pot (make sure it's enough to soften the rice), then place on the cooker. Allow to boil, while you wash the rice

Step 2. Pour in the washed rice

Step 3. Add in some stock cube... 

Step 4. In a wok or frying pan, add your spoon of coconut oil.. 

Step 5. Add in the chopped vegetables 

Step 6. Next the coconut desiccate  (the aroma at this point is orgasmic)

Step 7. Next add in the remaining stock cube, thyme and then the prawns and chopped frankfurter... Allow to fry just for 2mins as you don't want to loss the crunchiness of the peppers as well as overcook the prawns 

Step 8. Once the rice has almost cooked add the fried mix into the rice. Stir together, then allow to simmer further until softened to your likeness (Some like it al dente).

Finally.... It's time to dig in, I resisted going for more.. But my kids were not with me on that train... they just kept coming for more servings as it was sooooo good! 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Egusi Ijebu (melon soup)

Married to an Ijebu man, means we cannot go without cooking this soup ever so often. 
Egusi ijebu is that next level egusi in terms of aroma and taste. It does things to your taste buds I can't explain especially if you are new to it.
It derives its wow factor from the toasting of the egusi which creates a unique aroma and taste that's different from the regular egusi.
What I love about this particular soup, it's simplicity... Fuss free to the core. 


Melon seeds (blended)
Smoked dried catfish 
Mackerel (washed and seasoned)
Smoke prawns 
Dried blended Cameroon pepper
Stock cubes
Onions (blended)
Palm oil

Step 1. Start by adding water, pepper and crayfish to a pot, then place on the cooker to boil. 

 Step 2. Add in the stock cubes, immediately 

Step 3. The palm oil 

Step 4. The washed catfish and prawns.. Cover the pot, then move on to preparing the Egusi 

Step 6. When the water and other ingredients are boiling... Place a frying pan on the cooker, add in the Egusi allowing it to brown a little while you stir to avoid burning, then pour in the blended onions. Your kitchen should be smelling amazing by now.
All the time, continue stirring (this process should take about 3mins)

Step 4. Add in the fish to the boiling mixture in the other pot.

Step 6. Immediately after adding the fish, scoop the melon into the boiling ingredients, then stir (allow to cooking, while stirring on interval  until the oil separate)  

Looking luscious already... Who wouldn't want this with some mean swallow?