Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Garri cookies (cassava flake cookies)

Ever wondered if our beloved garri can be made into a sweet treat? If you have a sweet tooth, love cookies and love garri, I've brought to you today, a match made in heaven!!! Garri cookies!!!. 

It's such a tasty crunchy treat that people would argue with you that it can't possibly contain garri (I would recommend IJEBU garri, because of its sourness)... Funny, I made this cookies by chance last year, using excess ingredients from recipe. Since then, it's been on my mind to remake it.. So here it is!!!

Adding banana also means using less sugar and butter as it helps with consistency and taste, so we are looking at a healthier treat than most sweet baked goods.

Half banana 
1/3 cup garri
1/2 lemon extract or any of your choice
1/2 plain flour
1/2 baking powder
1/3 cup sugar
35g butter
90ml milk

Step 1. (start by pre heating your oven to 180 degree or gas mark 4-5) Combine the milk, butter and sugar in a pot.. DO NOT BOIL, continue to stir to dissolve the sugar 

Step 2. Now combine the wet (make sure it's not hot, use at room temperature)  and dried ingredients together (don't mash the bananas, just dice).. Mix gently, so the bananas don't over break).

Step 3. Scoop a spoon at a time unto a greased proof baking tray.. And bake till golden brown (if you need them snapping, only add small quantity of cookie mix on the tray.. Then spread it. Out)

All ready, it was a sure treat with me and the kids.. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Iya Alli buka stew (Iru stew)

Red bell peppers 
Shombo (dried long red peppers)
Scotch bonnet (rodo)
Mixed meat 
Stock cubes 
Dried Cameroon peppers 
Bonga fish (shawa)
Iru (locust beans)
Dried smoke prawns (blended)
Palm oil (needs to be bleached)

Step 1. Soak the dried peppers in hot water, this help to soften them up. Then blend all the peppers and onions, pour in a pot to simmer. 

Step 2. Don't let the peppers blend turn to a thick paste, as we need it thick but not very thick..

Step 3. Pour in the bleached palm oil. 

Step 4. Add in the mixed meat, bonga fish, smoked prawns and Iru. 

Step 5. Stir and allow to simmer on low low heat.. As we need the oil to all come back up to the surface of the stew.. Then add the stock cube (adding the stock cubes too early will give you false taste, because the more the stew simmers the more it's taste intensify). 

I and my family enjoyed the stew with ewedu egusi and pounded yam.. Yum, how will you eat yours????

Monday, 7 September 2015

How to cook Ogbono soup.. (Ogbono soup)

This is another popular soup across Nigeria and parts of sub saharan Africa that is typically accompanied by a carbohydrate swallow eg pounded yam, eba or fufu.
There are different ways of cooking ogbono and there are a lot of vegetables and extras that can be added depending on personal preference eg bitter leaf, ugu, kale, okra, spinach, mushroom.
To enhance the earthy taste, ground dried shrimp/ crayfish is essential, dried fish and/or stock fish is highly recommended for a fingerlicking treat.
Many people swear by the fact that it tastes even better on the day after cooking, I wonder why though. If you have any clue, let us know. 
Ogbono soup is one that is much appreciated for its unique taste and difference from most other soup because of its viscosity (thick and drawy). As with most African soups, the richer your ingredients, the better your soup. Anything from bush meat, dried fish, prawns, cow skin, cow legs to turkey comes highly recommended in churning up this amazing soup!!!


Ogbono seeds
Stock cubes
Dried chilli pepper
Uda (optional)
Bonga fish 
Dried fish 
Palm oil
Mixed meat 
Bitterleaves (or any other leaves of your choice)

Step1. (If using meat broth/stock the process remains the same but don't add in stock cubes, unless it is necessary ). Add in the crayfish, uda, stock cube, bonga fish, pepper.. Allow to boil, while you prepare the ogbono. 

Step 2. Blend the ogbono, and add in slightly heated palm oil to break up any lumps. 

Step 3. Now add in the meat, if you haven't already. 

Step ;. Then the stock fish.. Cover pot with lid and allow to boil for few more mins 

Step 5. Now add in the ogbono.. Stir and slow to cook for 7-10mins.. (Tip: of too thick add in little water at a time).

Step 6. Add in the bitter leaves or any leaves of your choice.. Cook for another 2mins and the soup is ready.... 

Finally!!!!!... Yummy finished product, served in Africa earth pot