Thursday, 29 October 2015

Bitter leave soup

Bitter leaves (chopped and washed)
Cocoyam (ede)
Mixed Meat and its stock
Palm oil (you only need a little)
Smoke catfish 
Periwinkle (optional)
Dried fish
Dried blended pepper 

Step 1. cut, wash the bitter leaves and cook for few minutes.. this helps to extract the bitterness from the leaves.. making it easier to give a final wash.

Step 2. Wash the cocoyam, peel, wash and boil without salt.. (Tip. always wash your root vegetables before peeling and after peeling)

Step 3. Add pepper to the boiling meat and it stock

Step 4. Add in the stock fish

Step 5. add in the smoked cat fish

Step 6. Add in oil and cocoyam

Step 7. the crayfish

Step 8. Ogiri... stir to dissolve (or you can dissolve in warm water before adding it to the soup)

Step 9. Add in the periwinkles

Step 10.. finally the washed bitterleaves

Continue to stir, if too thick add in some to loosen up.

The kids called out for pounded yam, as soon as the soup was ready....

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