Saturday, 15 October 2016

Unripe plantain fufu (plantain fufu recipe)

NB.. If you need or want your plantain fufu, quite darken freeze the plantain first before carrying out the steps below)... 

Peel and chop the plantain into small chunks (this allows for easy blending without having to use much water). Pour the blended plantain into a pot and start stirring... 

Step 2.. Stir continuously 

Step 3. Continue to stir, as it will start stretching.. 

Step 4 Wrap with a clingfilm or nylon and allow to harden... 

Ikokore (ijebu ikokore - wateryam porridge)


Water yam 
Crayfish or smoke prawns or both
Dried fish or any fish of your choice or meat
Dried pepper
Stock cube to taste 

Step 1: Peel, wash and grate the water yam.. using the smallest part of your grater

Step 2: Add all the dried ingredients including oil and fish.. (I prefer to add oil at the beginning rather than at the end).

Step 3.while the water boils, start  dropping water yam gently into the pot. 

Step 4: Stir gently and allow to boil, you can add more water if need.. be warned it does burn (so keep you eyes peeled on the cooker. I suggest low heat).. allow the water yam to cook through